29 Dec

Contracting a loan for a hotel property might seem like similar to obtaining a simple loan or any type of commercial loan but this is not always true. The truth is the risk is higher when it comes to hotel properties and this is why it doesn't fall under same categories as any other commercial loan. For instance, if you are contracting a commercial loan for a retail business venture, the nature of the business is entirely different from having a hotel property because a retail business venture can be a general merchandise while a hotel property can only be an inn. This is one of the main reasons why if you are contracting a loan for a hotel property, you need to go for an entirely different type of loan because the nature of the commercial mortgage requires for an entirely different set of provisions. For more details click this link at https://assetsamerica.com.

If you are about to contract the Assets America  for a hotel property, one of the most important things that you need to consider is type of corridor that you are going to have. There are actually different types of corridors for your hotel property as it could be an exterior corridor property or an interior corridor property. It is important to know the difference between these two and determine whether what type of hotel property you wish to have because these two types of corridors might require a set of provisions that can be entirely different from each other. For instance, the exterior corridor property is the type of hotel property where you get to see the actual doors to the hotel rooms from the exterior fascia. One great example for these are motels or motor hotels where many travelers usually park their vehicles in from of their rooms and they get to stay in apartment-style hotels for as long as they need to. However, the interior corridor refers to the type of hotel room where all the rooms are inside a large hotel building with facilities mostly shared by tenants which makes it more energy efficient. The main difference between these two types of hotel properties is the percentage of the gross revenue that you get and this is why it is important to determine so when you are contracting a commercial loan for a hotel property.

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